How to Clean + Care Wool Pressing Mats

how to clean and care wool pressing mat nido goods pressing curves

Wool pressing mats have become increasingly popular and an essential among many quilters. The mat’s ability to generate and trap heat is a big selling factor, as it helps reduce pressing time and creates extremely flat seams. Read on to learn how to clean and care for your wool pressing mat

  1. Loose threads from fabrics can’t get enough of the wool press mat. Remove them by using a lint roller

    before and after lint roller care and clean wool pressing mats nido goods 
  2. When storing your wool pressing mat, make sure it’s stored flat. Don’t roll it. Otherwise it will distort its shape and form over time.

  3. Cleaning the iron can be one of those tasks that can be easily forgotten. Dusty, dust, spray scratch and fabric fibers buildup over time and can leave black spots on your project or mat.

    Before use, make sure your iron is clean. Click here for tips and tricks on how to clean your iron. 

    Black spots iron clean care wool pressing mat
  4. You can wash your wool pressing mat. But it is advised not to put it in the washing machine as wool retains moisture and the vigorous spinning motion by your washer and dryer can distort the shape and form. Also drying time will take longer when the mat is soaked.

    If you decide to wash your pressing mat, hand wash it and hang or air dry flat. 

  5. Do not spray starch directly. Again, the wool fibers will absorb the moisture. And given the extra flat results you get from pressing your projects on a wool pressing mat, personally, starch is not necessary for general pressing.
  6. Avoid steam cleaning your wool pressing mat. That also includes using the steam setting on your iron for pressing. This is because steam will travel through the wool fibers and wet the fabric underneath, and over time it may cause your wool pressing mat to smell. 

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