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Pattern Corrections

Harlan Quilt Pattern 
December 1, 2019 update - Page 5, Step 19b:
It currently refers to baby quilt size. This step should refer to the throw size quilt. 

Lioness Quilt Pattern
December 1, 2019 update - Page 3, Cutting Directions: 
It says to cut eight 5½" x 4½" of each Fabric A to H. It should be cut eight 1½" x 5½" of each Fabric A to H.

Seagrass Quilt Pattern
June 15, 2020 update - Page 2, Cutting Directions:
It says to cut the Backing Fabric into 7 strips x 2½" WOF. This should be the Binding Fabric and not the Backing Fabric.

Empire State Mini Quilt Pattern
Jan 25, 2020 update - Page 2, Steps 1-4:
Fabric A to D strips should measure 21
" x 2½" and not 22" x 2½".

Jan 25, 2020 update - Page 3, Step 6:
Cut 12 of each Set 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B units. Not 8 units of each set.

Hey There! Quilt Pattern in Urban Quilting book
Jan 25, 2020 update - Page 41, Quilt Assembly, Step 1:
Block B units are labelled incorrectly. Currently labeled as Block A. There should be 2 Block B units - one on Row 1, third from the left. And the second one is on Row 2, second from the left.

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