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About the Designer

It all started in 2015 in my parents’ dining room where my sister spent most of her spare time quilting. Her work sparked my curiosity in quilting and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I taught myself how to quilt with the basics I had learnt at high-school home economics. Eventually quilting became my escape from my hectic corporate job. It was a creative outlet and helped me get through those long hours in the office. 
This was the start of The Weekend Quilter
Hi! I’m Wendy and welcome to my studio. I’m an Aussie modern quilter and designer based in New York City. the author of Urban Quilting and The Quilted Home Handbook. I also co-host of Quilt Buzz Podcast. I have a deep love for prints and patterns. My designs feature bold, unique colour combinations and geometric shapes inspired by architecture, interior design and nature. 
Today, quilts are not just seen as a utility to provide warmth, but they represent us and our story. As a modern quilter and pattern designer, I hope to pass down this creative legacy through my designs.
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