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Scrappy Summer Sew Along Details

Scrappy Sew Along Quilt The Weekend Quilter Scrap Stash Box
 It is easy to accumulate scraps in your stash. But using them can be uninspiring, especially when we’re always presented with new and exciting fabric collections.
For seven weeks from August 10, 2020, Raye of The Homebody Company and myself will be hosting a quilt along to get you reacquainted with your scraps and turn them into a Scrappy Summer quilt.
Each Monday morning you will expect an email from Raye on behalf of us with instructions on what you’ll need to do for the week, blog posts with tips and suggestions to help ease and speed up the quilt making process, and topics related to the project. There will also be social media team building prompts for community engagement and support throughout the journey. 
And finally, the prizes! Once every other week during the quilt along, there will be exclusive discount codes from vendors, and prizes for posting and participating on instagram. Prizes are of some of our fave quilting tools and services. Your Instagram account must be public for your posts to be seen by me or anyone.


Scrappy Summer by The Homebody Company 

The Homebody Company Scrappy Summer Sew Along 2019
Click here to download the quilt pattern for FREE.


1. Sign up for weekly newsletter here for prompts.
2. Download the FREE quilt pattern.
3. Share “I’m Sew In” icon below on your Instagram feed to let us know you’re in.
Scrappy Summer Sew Along I'm Sew In Icon
4. Follow and share your progress using the #scrappysummersal2020 hashtag on Instagram.


Week 1 (w/c Aug 10): Share a photo of scrap stash, plan and decide on colours for quilt
Week 2 (w/c Aug 17): Cut squares
Week 3 (w/c Aug 24): Make 41 Nine-Patch Blocks 
Week 4 (w/c Aug 31): Make 40 Nine-Patch Blocks 
Week 5 (w/c Sep 7): Make 40 Nine-Patch Blocks 
Week 6 (w/c Sep 14): Catch up week 
Week 7 (w/c Sep 21): Put it all together


    Quilt pattern comes in 7 different sizes - baby, square throw, rectangle throw, twin, double / full, queen and king. See below for quilt dimensions. Sew along is based on rectangle throw size (49.5 x 63”). However, feel free to make any size. 


    We encourage you to use what is in your stash. After all, it is a scrappy sew along. If you feel the need to purchase fabrics, here are the fabric requirements:


    31.5” x 40.5”

    Square throw

    36” x 49.5”

    Rect' throw 

    49.5” x 63”


    72” x 90”

    Double / Full 

    85.5” x 108”


    90” x 108” 


    112.5” x 108”

    Main / Pluses

    1 yard

    1¾ yards

    2¼ yards

    4½ yards

    6⅓ yards

    6⅔ yards

    8⅓ yards


    ¾ yard

    1½ yards

    1¾ yards

    3⅔ yards

    5⅛ yards

    5⅓ yards

    6⅔ yards


    1⅜ yard

    3¼ yards

    3¼ yards

    5½ yards

    7⅞ yards

    8¼ yards

    9¾ yards


    ⅓ yard

    ½ yard

    ½ yard

    ⅝ yard

    ¾ yard

    ⅞ yard

    ⅞ yard

    To get you inspired and excited about your scraps, check out last year’s sew along hashtag - #scrappysummerSAL. We have also put together a Pinterest board for colour inspirations. Click here to view the board. 
    Pinterest Examples Sew Scrappy Nine Patch Sew Along Quilt Block


    To be entered to win the prize every other week, you need to post a photo with the prompt assigned to that week on Instagram. Prompt will be in the weekly newsletter from The Homebody Company, and Raye and myself will remind you on Instagram. Be sure to tag your photo entry using the official sew along hashtag - #scrappysummersal2020. Your Instagram account must be public for your posts to be seen by me or anyone.
    The giveaway starts once our Monday email goes out and ends on Sunday evening. The winner will be announced on the following Monday’s email, and on The Homebody Company and The Weekend Quilter’s Instagram stories. 
    Raye and I are so excited to have you on board, and we look forward to seeing your Scrappy Summer makes. Don’t forget to sign up for the sew along weekly newsletter for the latest updates, prompts, tips and suggestions, and download the Scrappy Summer quilt pattern for FREE.