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Plaidful Colourway Inspirations: Sour Plum

The Weekend Quilter Plaidful Modern Quilt Pattern Digital coloring page Colour Inspiration

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Fabric A: — Kona Cotton in Copen
Baby Size: 1 yard (92 cm) | Throw Size: 2¾ yards (252 cm) 

Fabric B: —  Kona Cotton in Salmon
Baby Size: ⅝ yard (60 cm) | Throw Size: 1¾ yards (160 cm) 

Fabric C: —  Kona Cotton in Cerise
Baby Size: ½ yard (46 cm) | Throw Size: 1 yard (92 cm) 

Fabric D: —  Kona Cotton in Corsage
Baby Size: ½ yard (46 cm) | Throw Size: 1⅛ yards (103 cm)